Maryam Safarzadeh is an Iranian poet, painter and educator who moved to Canada in 2019.
Poetry is fundamental to Maryam’s sensibility and influences her artistic practice.  
The main subject of Maryam’s paintings are women. She always says that it feels like
thousands of women are living inside of her and she voices them through her paintings.
She studied Graphic Design at the university and after the graduation started to paint.
Her main medium is oil on canvas but she also paints with different mediums.
Maryam has been teaching art and creation for 20 years in various art schools and institutes. Currently she is creating art and running art classes/calligraphy workshops  Sho Art, Spirit & Performance, which focuses on the interplay of “Art, Spirit & Performance.”   Maryam is one of the artists at Art Can Teach program, that brings artists and teachers together in classrooms -
She participated in many group and solo exhibitions​​​​​​​.

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