Katherine Roth is a self-taught artist from Amherstburg, Ontario who has become known for her dreamy abstract acrylic landscapes.  She often paints her impression of an early sunrise, the last light of a sunset, drifting clouds or scenes from the beaches of Pelee Island and beyond.   Her creative process involves colour staining the canvas where she feels more like she is mixing light instead of paint. Being fully present, she plays with abstraction and realism---creating an “impression” of what she may have seen and felt during an early morning walk.
Collectors of her work often comment that her atmospheric paintings evoke feelings of peace and tranquility. A calming, comforting effect occurs in any interior space where her work is displayed. Her paintings are easy to get lost in while viewing them, much like watching colourful clouds drift by.  Nature is her inspiration, stillness, her guide and creative thought, her inner mentor.
Her most recent work embraces an ancient medium called “encaustic”…which is the art of painting with hot beeswax, oil pigments and Damar resin. In addition to painting on birch board, Katherine applies her new medium to live edge wood pieces. Exciting things happen when she opens her mind and intuition to the endless possibilities that encaustic painting can reveal.
Katherine is an associate of SHO Art, Spirit and Performance; which has become one of Windsor’s most incredible places to experience amazing creativity and unique artistic opportunities.
She is also a member of the Arts Council Windsor Region and Artcite in Windsor, The Gibson Gallery in Amherstburg and Leamington Arts Council. Her work is represented by Nancy Johns Gallery.   View her art at:
She can be reached at: or 519-995-8300

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