Supporters of our 1st issue - Summer, 2022: 
 Shō Art Studios is a creative arts hub housed in the Danzig Building, a designated heritage city block industrial building on Monmouth Rd. located across from the Club Lofts condominiums. 
Initially run as a small 1000 sq. ft. ‘pop up’ garage arts studio,  Shō now occupies 30,000 sq. ft. of arts infrastructure in the Danzig Building.  Of note, since 2019, Shō Art Studios is a female owned and operated arts company.  The Shō organization brings people together; artists, writers, musicians, cultural entrepreneurs and organizations, to experience an interactive facility where all may experience a sense of inclusivity and a place to thrive.  Shō provides artists with affordable, accessible, inclusive and safe arts infrastructure.  Most importantly, Shō provides a shared creative facility committed to the interplay of all facets of art, spirit, and performance, while creating artistic prosperity that elevates our community, fostering a culturally rich environment.  It is a place where one may refine their purpose and advance their work. 
Shō Art Studios strives to be a socially responsive facility through community-building events that enhance the quality of community life and individual well-being.  As a community responsive organization we are pleased to be a community partner of artist Gulnaz Turdalieva’s digital Art Magazine.

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