Christy Litster is a Visionary Artist & Illustrator based in Windsor, Ontario.
Her process is intuitive and she tends to work in a variety of mediums which range from oil, acrylic and watercolour paintings to digital illustration.  Her process is meditative, allowing her work to come through as a downloaded. message.  Christy enjoys using unusual elements in her paintings which have included hand-sewn patchwork on paper and canvas, as well as, painting with fine fibers including wool and silk.
Christy has been working as a freelance Artist & Illustrator for 20 years.  Recently, she has had the distinct privilege to create works for many private clients locally and internationally.  She has participated in various arts events in Windsor-Essex County, including numerous solo shows.  She has also received many grants, some of which afforded her some excellent opportunities.  Some of her more notable projects include:
- Mural at The Family Respite Services, Solcz Family Foundation Respite Home in Windsor, ON
- 3 custom paintings for the City of Windsor’s Mayor’s Office
- Mural at Colchester Beach
- Murals at Factory House Restaurant in Windsor, ON
- Mural in parking lot of Art Gallery of Windsor
- Mural at Riverdance Community Center in Lasalle, ON
Over the past decade, Christy has also been a passionate supporter of local artists creating over 30 arts and fashion shows.  The focus of a majority of these events was to create opportunities for under-represented artists, as well as, new artists. Because of this work she was awarded The City of Windsor’s Mayor’s Arts Award for Individual Artist in 2020.

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