Christine Paris is a Windsor based visual artist, an educator, and a writer - who loves to explore colour and who is always looking for ways to use art to engage the community in a worthwhile cause.  She is one of the founders of (@serenitysongcommunity) Serenity Song Community - it is a Non-profit association that builds community gardens + wellness events for all to enjoy.  Christine is an art teacher and her art workshops include: paint night for staff wellness; Creative collections paint events; C shells pain events; The Initiative paint events; Centre Communautaire; francophone paint events; School wellness fair; Private party paint night; writing workshops.  She wrote and published a book for children ‘Gaia’s Journey’
" My artwork, bright and bubbly for the most part, explores that space that resides between our thoughts and experiences.  That spiritual movement of the soul expressing itself in various shades of freedom and fancy. For me, my artwork is about freeing myself enough through artistic expression to try to find an alchemy between the colours, the feeling of the colors and how they can express my human and ethereal experience in this world. Each piece is a playful moment where the soul seeps out to be seen and share peace, joy and serenity with the world around it. I often imbue healing into my works, infuse the paints with healing oils and healing sacred geometry as well as healing words and reiki type healing energy into each piece." - Christine Paris
Here are a few links to a few other arts activities she've done:

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