Windsor-based artist, Anna Buckie is balancing her art and parenting two children. Originally from Ukraine, Anna had a translator career, always dreaming about doing art professionally.  Anna had a great start having her solo  art show at Cafe Amor&Art in 2021 and later painted a mural there with three other local artists.
Other art shows Anna participated: Doing the Louvre’ - Artcite, Windsor, 2021; 
‘The Life of Art’ - Aura, Windsor, 2021; 
Solo art show + ‘Make Art Not War’ project to support Ukraine (group show) - Cafe Amor&Art, Windsor, 2022
Anna believes that art can make the world a better place. The process of painting is healing, relaxing and out-of-this-world dreamy to her.  Anna works in acrylics, watercolours and oils.She likes to paint in different styles working on several projects at the same time.
Anna especially loves painting people and pets. She says, painting portraits is like reading a person’s soul and understanding their feelings. She enjoys painting pet portraits as well.
Anna is deeply attracted to symbolical and abstract art. She loves the vibrancy of colours, textures and heavy contrasts. Anna says that abstract art helps her express, discover and understand her inner-self and deal with overwhelming emotions.
Anna’s biggest inspirations are Frida Kahlo, Gustav Klimt, Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, M.C. Escher, H.R. Giger, gothic culture, music and Japanese literature.

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