Art Create Learn is an online art space/magazine for Windsor Essex Artists run by the visual artist Gulnaz Turdalieva, this project will provide local artists an online space /magazine to showcase their recent work, share their work habits, and any experiences that help them in their creative process. The project will promote Windsor Essex artists and support local arts and cultural organizations by listing them on the website and highlighting artists interviews/studio tips/any useful art information in four seasonal publications. Online Art Platform for Windsor Essex Artists to showcase their recent work.  The  Art Create Learn project will collect stories of artists based on personal experience.  Our artists will share the techniques, skills, and experiences that help them create art.

The mission of Art Create Learn project is to support artists and advance the knowledge and practice of contemporary visual arts and culture in Windsor Essex. To provide residents and visitors with increased opportunities to view local art and meet local artists.  Offer a virtual introduction to reach audiences within and outside of Windsor Essex including listing of art classes, exhibitions, workshops and studio visits.

Thank you!
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